A Waxing 21st Century Moon

Welcome to The Moon Society’s upgraded website!  After some phenomenal work from our web team, James, Scotty, Rose & Mike, we’ve got a new website design to better work with the myriad ways that people now access the World Wide web.

This is but a start.  We’ve also been quietly working on securing our financial position, including an audit of our finances.  We’ve been putting together theme issues of Moon Miners’ Manifesto that we’ll soon be releasing for e-readers.  We’ve been putting together “Lunar Laboratory” STEM exercises that bring a Moon theme to science projects.  We’re revisiting our marketing materials to update them and make them more appealing.  Our ISDC tracks are attracting attention by focusing on near-future aspects of our Moon like the Cislunar Econosphere and Lunar Lava Tubes.

And we’ve got some science projects we’re working on, like a Lava Tube Field Exercise to test communications architectures for robotic explorers that will be ramping up subsequent to this year’s ISDC track.  A longer term science project is the use of a Solar Sail to provided communications with Lunar polar locations.

Leadership of The Moon Society also continues to be active in Lunar Outreach & Education, not just through the ISDC, but also in their communities and in publications.  Educating the citizenry of Planet Earth about the value and uses of our Moon for the benefit of us all is one of the key ways that The Moon Society can pave the way for humans living and working on the Moon.

In the near future we will be launching a membership development campaign.  A key issue faced by all space advocacy groups is the ongoing aging of our membership bases.  While youngsters are happy to “Like”, or “Share” or “+1”, or “Thumbs Up”, this does not translate into membership.  We need to change this.

If you know someone who is interested in the Moon, make them a member.  Trying to think of a gift for someone?  Give them a Moon Society membership.   Do you know a bright youngster with the potential to make a difference, point them to our new website.

It is our membership that makes things happen.  Let’s grow that membership, so that we can achieve greater things.