Design a Banner for our Website Front Page

Design a Banner for our Website Front Page
and win a Free Membership or Renewal

NOTE: Our Banner Contest has ended. There were no entries that met our design requirements.

May 3, 2006 – The Moon Society Leadership Council has given its support to a design competition that could produce a Banner for the Moon Society Website.


* The Moon Society is not obliged to pick or declare a winner, if no entries meet our enthusiastic approval.* If we pick a submitted banner design for our front page, the prize will be a new one year membership or a one year renewal, as applicable.

* If other designs are also well received, we may accept them for use on other pages, awarding (a) runner up prize(s) of one half year membership or renewal

* CONTENT: The ideal banner should convey “the journey from where we are now, a membership society on Earth,” to “where we want to end up, a civilian pioneer society on the Moon.” How to suggest this is entirely up to the artist.

* INCLUDED WORDING: The words “The Moon Society” need not appear as they will be prominent elsewhere on the page. You may wish, however, to include the rally cry “To the Moon to Stay!”

* ANIMATION? – short answer, “no.” But if you incorporate the rally cry above, you could have two frames, the first with “To the Moon” and then, when all the rest of the page has finished loading, a highlighted “to Stay!” could pop up (and remain). Feel free, however to come up with other ideas, so long as once the page is loaded, the banner will remain static, in its final phase.

* LOW BANNER SIZE in kilobytes will be a judging/decision factor. The banner should load in no more time than does the full moon logo which is 160 KB.

* Deadline July 1st, with (a) winner(s), if any, to be announced on August 1st, to coincide with announcement of society officer and director election winners.

* Email your entry as an attachment to with the words “Banner Entry” in the subject line. Your submission may be in any standard image form (.gif, .jpg, .tff, .psd, .pict, etc. or as a paint file.) or in pdf file format, but should be attached by itself, with any explanatory remarks accompanying the image in the message body text.

This Contest Announcement to be posted on our front page, on our blog, and sent by email to all current and former members for whom we have current email addresses, and who do not employ spam filters without white listing society email.

Other Space Site Banners presented for inspiration.

This is a logo, not a banner, but an example of passage from present to envisioned future – NSS Huntsville, AL chapter