ESA sees H2O forming on the Moon from solar wind

<p class=”post_link”>Link: <a href=””></a></p><p>This discovery, made by the ESA-ISRO instrument “Sub-keV Atom Reflecting Analyzer” (SARA)  onboard the Indian Chandrayaan-1 lunar orbiter, suggests how water is likely being created on the lunar surface.</p>

<p>The Moon is a big sponge that absorbs electrically charged particles given out by the Sun. These particles interact with the oxygen present in some dust grains on the lunar surface, producing water.</p>

<p>But there is a mystery….</p>

<p>One in 5 protons bounces off into space and is not absorbed.  This was completely unexpected and remains unexplained.</p>

<p>New instruments can be designed to detect the bouncing protons, to learn more about the processes.</p>

<p>We have just scratched the surface of the Moon, stay tuned for more amazing discoveries.</p>