Help us redesign the Moon Society Website

Three years ago, member John Schrock led an effort to redesign the Moon Society front page at

It was a welcome improvement.

In the past year and a half, we have added more menu options and features. But whether it is a matter of layout, color, or content, “what’s new” doesn’t jump out at the casual visitor. We have had a problem changing the “changing picture” regularly and that has not helped.

We would very much appreciate your feedback. What do you like or not like about the front page? What improvements would you like to see?

To stimulate your thoughts on all this, take a look at the front pages of these four space organizations.

Two that haven’t changed in a while in layout or template:

The Space Frontier Foundation

The Mars Society

Two that have recently been totally redesigned.

The National Space Society

The Planetary Society

Tell us what you like, don’t like about each. Be specific.

Your input will be a big help to us in considering how to present a better face to visitors and members alike.

We have become a more dynamic society.
We’ve got to let that show!

please email me personally with your inputs


Peter Kokh

NOTE: If you’ve checked our website lately, you will see that, keeping all the your great inputs in mind, we have opted for an evolutionary approach. We hope you find the website easier to use, what you want easier to find, and that it is more interesting. The real test of how well we’re doing is if you find yourself visiting it more often! – PK