Moon Society input to the Obama Transition Team on Space

At its January 14th meeting, the Moon Society Management Council, mindful that different members have different ideas about how the nation’s space program could be better run and better targeted, has not as yet officially endorsed either of two position papers put together separately by Director of Project Development David A. Dunlop and by Chair of the Publicity and Outreach Committee, James A. Rogers.

Dunlop’s paper is extremely comprehensive and commands enormous respect. We urge our members to look at Dave’s idea of how US Space programs and initiatives could be reorganized to better lead to the open civilian frontier and Earth-Moon Economy to which the Society pledges its efforts. Dave’s recommendations are nothing short of revolutionary, no quarter yielded to those who would just tweak the current program.

As of this post, we have only seen the first draft of James Rogers’ paper so we cannot comment on it as yet. Much shorter, it may serve as the Guest Editorial in MMM #222, the February issue of Moon Miners’ Manifesto, next in queue.