Moon Society Progress Report & Update – Feb 2008


A fresh Moon Society Progress Report & Update is now online, both on the Moon Society front page center column society news area and in the Reports section

There are handy links to anchors for each section of the report, as it is lengthy, and the table at the top will allow you to zip back and forth to the sections that grab your interest.

I must apologize for not issuing such reports on a more regular basis. The last one, I am embarrassed to say, seems to have been more than a year ago.

On the good side, this report has a lot of encouraging news. We _are_ making progress.

The gist of a Draft Strategy Plan for the Society is included.

Quick highlights:

New web pages:

& a chapter & outpost map

and many updated pages

2 new chapters, Phoenx and Houston
possibly two more NSS Partner chapters

New Internet Portal sites: MySpace, Facebook,

New Google Group: Railroading on Moon & Mars (cosponsored by

Solar Power Beaming Demo project is proceeding well

We are gearing up for a major presence at ISDC 2008 in Washington DC

We are on the verge of establishing another key affiliation

Feedback is most welcome. We’re all in this together!

Peter Kokh
President, The Moon Society