Introducing the first members of the Society’s new Board of Advisors

Introducing the first members of
the Society’s new Board of Advisors

November 28, 2004 — We are building a new Board of Advisors to help us shape ambitious projects, review proposed position papers, organize breakthrough workshops, and choose collaboration partners. A second round of invitations is in process. A brief look at the first fifteen members.

Tom Billings, Portland, OR and
Bryce Walden, Oregon City, OR and
Cheryl Lynn York, Oregon City, OR. All three of the Oregon L5 Society, and part of the team that ran the Oregon Moonbase simulation exercises in lavatubes outside Bend, Oregon in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Tom’s additional research interests include teleoperations and the design of a Lunar Lavatube Locator probe.

Paul Blase, Alexandria, VA, of TransOrbital Inc.

David Dietzler, St. Louis, MO, major contributor to MMM, knowledgeable about processing, geochemistry.

David A. Dunlop, Oak Park, IL, expert on lunar agriculture, project organizer, and an all-around brainstormer.

Steve Durst, Palo Alto, CA, CEO of SpaceAge Publishing and Editor of Lunar Enterprise Daily; chaired the 2003 International Lunar Conference held in Hawaii

Marianne Dyson, Houston, TX, author of the award winning children’s book, Our Home on the Moon.

Niklas Jarvstrat, Trollhatten, Sweden, head of the Moon-ISRU (in situ resource utilization) project.

Terry Kok, Bedford, IN, a hands on experimenter with closed life support systems and mini-biospherics.

Chip Proser, Los Angeles, CA , well-known writer, director, cinematographer, and film producer. Co-producer: Innerspace (1987), Story writer: Innerspace (1987) Writer: Iceman (1984). Chip’s latest project is the documentary “Gaia-Selene: Saving the Earth by Colonizing the Moon.”

David Schrunk, Poway, CA Editor and co-author of The Moon: Resources, Future Development, and Colonization.
Burton Sharpe, St. Louis, MO and
Madhu Thangavelu, Palos Verdes Estates, CA both co-authored The Moon: Resources, Future Development, and Colonization. Sharpe was heavily involved with the Apollo program in the 1960s and 1970s.

Ian Randal Strock, Brooklyn, NY, of cofounder of The Lunar Resources Company and the Artemis Project, and the Editor and Publisher of Artemis Magazine featuring a mix of science fiction stories and science fact articles, with a strong focus on the Moon.



Joining the Board on March 2, 2005, are five more advisors, bringing the current total to twenty.

Alan B. Binder, Lunar Research Institute, Tucson, AZ. Principal Investigator of the Lunar Prospector mission that in 1998 discovered high ratios of hydrogen in permanently shaded areas of the Moon’s polar regions, presumably representing cometary water-ice mixed in the top regolith area.. He took over the grass-roots launched project in 1989 and held it together until NASA adopted it as its second Discovery Mission.

Eric Douglass, Mechanicsville, VA. American Lunar Society webmaster and its newly elected President. Created and opperates the ALS Lunar Observers Certificate Program with Lunar Geology Primer..

Peter Eckart, Munich, Germany. Space engineer, and author of the highly praised “Lunar Base Handbook.”

Geoffrey A. Landis, NASA Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, Ohio. Well known scientist and author with an encyclopedic grasp of the technical issues of space exploration, and has authored a growing number of breakthrough concepts.

T.D. Lin, Wilmette, IL. Principal Research Engineer. Construction Technologies Lab., Div. of Portland Cement Assoc., Skokie, IL. In the early 1980s, demonstrated the production of concrete cement, first from Lunar Simulant and then from actual Apollo return samples. He has since refined his techniques using a water-conserving steam process. Designed a 210,000 square foot lunar outpost made of concrete and steel. He has spoken at several ISDCs and other conferences..

Moon Society Advisors are governed by the Moon Society Bylaws, Article VIII – Board of Advisors and Other Bodies