Introducing Two New Members of the Society’s Board of Advisors

Introducing Two New Members of
the Society’s Board of Advisors

August 18, 2010 –  We introduced the first fifteen members of the Moon Society’s then new members of our Board of Advisors in our November 28, 2004 report. Since then, we added five more on March 2, 2005, four more people to the Board of Advisors on January 17, 2007, and ten more on March 2, 2009. 

Today we are proud to present our two latest additions. They are:

Pradeep Mohandas – Secretary of Moon Society India, now in formation. Pradeep has been on the Moon Society Leadership Council for some time, and has been an active contributor of input to the Society on a wide range of issues. Former President of SEDS India (Students for the Exploration and Development of Space), the largest SEDS national contingent in the World, Pradeep is now living in Mumbai, India’s largest city, top port, and main financial center,  formerly known as Bombay. Pradeep is also a co-editor and contributor of our new publication, Moon Miners Manifesto – India Quarterly (M3IQ) which had produced seven issues to date. Anyone can freely download these issues.

Jayashree Sridhar President of Moon Society India. Jayashree is a young woman with an energetic spirit and an unbelievable string of accomplishments for someone of her age. She now lives and works in Chennai, Tamil Nadu state. Chennai, a major port city, was formerly known as Madras. Jayashree has been able to attend space conferences in the United States, meeting with David Dunlop each time to work on issues related to further development of Moon Society India. It was at the first such meeting, that Dunlop quickly recognized her talents and leadership skills.

It is our belief that, with it focus on students, starting with India’s SEDS chapters, Moon Society India will develop new ways of reaching out to young people, ways that we can strive to adapt to conditions in North America and elsewhere. MSI is building a presence throughout India, including Delhi, Bhopal, and other major cities. Our offspring will soon enough be teaching its parent, and may soon  have a larger membership than the Moon Society (International) itself. We look forward to such a development! In turn MSI intends to list Moon Society President Peter Kokh and Editor of M3IQ, as well as Moon Society Director of Project Development David A. Dunlop on its own Board of Advisors. Working together, Kokh and Dunlop launched M3IQ in November 2008, just after the successful launch of India’s lunar orbiter, the highly successful Chandrayaan-1.  Moon Society India has announced its intention of renaming M3IQ, and providing a new chief editor, in short, its intention to make the publication its own. And that has been our goal from the outset. We look forward to that development.


We thank both of these dynamic leaders for their willingness to serve as Advisors to the Moon Society.
Moon Society Advisors are governed by the Moon Society Bylaws, Article VIII – Board of Advisors and Other Bodies