The Moon Society elects a new slate of Officers and Directors

August 2, 2011: The Moon Society is pleased today to announce election results for the organization’s board of directors and senior officers.
Ken Murphy is the newly elected President, replacing the eminent Peter Kokh who is stepping down to focus on other Moon Society functions.  Mr. Murphy takes up the office of President with a full program. His goals include promoting increased awareness of and education about the Moon in popular culture, focusing the space industry on the Moon as a destination and marketplace, and strengthening ties with other space organizations like NSS, SFF and SEDS to achieve common objectives.  He will stand for re-election in 2012 for a normal two-year term.

He brings a unique background to the position, with over twenty years professional experience in international banking and finance, over fifteen years of leaderships roles in not-for-profit organizations, and over a decade of space experience that includes a Master of Space Studies, cum laude, from International Space University, and co-chairing the 2007 International Space Development Conference.  He also serves as a volunteer judge at his local science fair, five years and counting.

Paul Banyai, a geologist with a personal focus on space, has been elected Society Vice-President.  He is interested in leveraging new technologies to help promote and grow the Moon Society. His term will end in 2013.
Peter Kokh, outgoing President, has been elected Secretary for the second half of a 2-term ending in 2012, the position previously having been vacant.  His contributions to the Moon Society and to the cause of establishing permanent settlements on the Moon are legendary, award-winning, and distinguish him as one of the most prominent advocates for lunar development.  He will serve as Secretary with a long list of ambitious projects.  He will also continue as
Editor of the Moon Miner’s Manifesto, the Moon Society’s flagship publication.

Dana Carson, one of the Moon Society’s earliest members, has been re-elected to the office of Treasurer for a 2-year term ending in 2013.  A computer consultant, Dana Carson has been capably supporting many of the Society’s technological tools such as the Society’s website, back-end management tools and membership management applications.
The membership also elected three new Directors to sit on the Board of Directors for 2-year terms ending in 2013:

Bryce Johnson, appointed by the Board last year to fill a vacancy, Bryce has been busy contacting formener members and trying to start a chapter in Rockford, Illiniois

Jason Tuttle, previously appointed by the Board to serve as Vice-President, to fill out a vacancy, Jason brings a package of talents badly needed.

Ron Brooks, has served in education fro 39 years, and brings that experience to the Society.

Peter Kokh, outgoing Society President and newly elected Secretary, congratulates all newly elected officers and board members.
Every Moon Society member was invited to submit ballots with their choices, which were received by email as well as paper mail.  Interest in this election was high with participation higher than in previous years.
The Moon Society is an international nonprofit 501(c)3 educational and scientific organization formed to further the creation of communities on the Moon involving large-scale industrialization and private enterprise.  More information on the Moon Society as well as its goals and activities can be found at