Moon Society Annual Meeting

The Society held its Annual Meeting as mandated by its Bylaws this evening. Michael Mealling, President, gave the State of the Society Report and James Burk, Vice President, updated the Society on the results of the recent election:

For Board Seat #1 – Philip Crume #1623 ran unopposed and received 86% of the vote, and retained his seat.  

For Board Seat #2 – Rose Dieteman #1340 ran unopposed and received 95% of the vote, and will now join the board.  

For President – Michael Mealling #579 ran unopposed and received an impressive 100% of the vote.  

For Secretary – Keith Garrett was the top write-in candidate and was later appointed to the office by Management Committee vote.

As part of the election, we also asked all voters to answer two survey questions: “Why did you originally join the Moon Society?”, and “What projects do you think we should work on?”.  The Management Committee will be reviewing and considering these responses as we continue planning of future activities of the organization.