Call for Volunteers


Membership Committee

The Moon Society thrives on its active membership. The Membership Committee can assist with the development of new “schwag” items for promotion of the Society and for sale on our upcoming Lunar Traders store.



Chapters Coordinator

Chapters are associations of persons in the same geographic area who have joined together to further the interests of the Moon Society, to help promote the human exploration and permanent settlement of the Moon.

The Moon Society’s bylaws provide for a Chapters Coordinator to assist the Board in conducting chapter affairs. This person would ideally have around 5 hours per week available to coorespond with chapter contacts and those interested in forming chapters in areas where one does not exist.

Chapters Council

The Chapters Council is made up of all chapters & chapters-in-formation (Outposts) worldwide. Each chapter will designate a Council representative that can attend telecons and coordinate sending in regular status updates on chapter activities & ideas. As of 2018, we are re-forming the Chapters council among the currently active chapters and members interested in forming chapters.


Other Opportunities

Communications & Social Media Committee

We need folks that can help promote us on Social Media, including our recent activities and upcoming events. We have an active Facebook page & group, as well as Twitter and LinkedIn. We need to establish presences on Instagram, Reddit, and others.

Assistant Secretary

The Secretary of the Moon Society is requesting an assistant to help with his duties, including: capturing proceedings of board meetings and recording them as Minutes, reminding board members of upcoming meetings, and assisting with voting and election tallies.

Vector Artist

We need an artist experienced in Vector Art to convert existing graphics and create new graphics to illustrate articles and other content on the Society’s website and wikis.


How to Volunteer

If you are interested in volunteering for any of these positions, please contact us using the email address

You can join our Slack chat tool by clicking on this link.