Election and Survey Results 2019

The Moon Society

The Moon Society 2019 Election results:

  • Vice President – James Burk
  • Treasurer – Dana Carson
  • Director (Seat #2) – Ben Smith
  • Director (Seat #3) – James Gholston
  • Director (Seat #4) – Paul Banyai


Survey question results:

  • What project(s) should be the primary focus of the Moon Society in 2020?
    • Commercial Moon Base Design (57%)
    • Lunarpedia (43%)


  • I want to help; let me tell you what I think.
    • Analog base and program development were mentioned the most.
    • MMM, lava tube research, and Robert Freitas’ automated lunar factory concept were also mentioned.


The Moon Society election and survey results are available at:



The 2019 Moon Society Annual Meeting can be viewed at our Slack workspace in the #auditorium channel.