Calling all Bloggers!

At the January 21st Management Council meeting, it was decided to do something with our blog. This blog was created to handle daily news from our simulation crew at the Mars Desert Research Station, Feb 26-Mar 11, 2006.

After the simulation was over, I tried to keep it going and for a time I was posting 2-5 times a month. Even that pace is insufficient to keep blog watchers interested.

In between there has, I believe, been one post by Charles Radley and another by James Rogers.

We are now actively looking for more bloggers.

The Planetary Society has an excellent blogger, Emilly Lakdawalla. Not sure if she is a paid volunteer or a staff person, but she keeps it going.

Now NSS has just announced its new blog

Not sure who is behind that as I just heard about it today in the new NSS Downlink e-letter

Take a look at all the long list of categories listed on the NSS blog page

These suggest a divide and conquer approach. I would be happy to come up with an appropriate list of appropriate categories.

For example, we might get Ken Murphy to post on new books
Someone else on NASA
Someone else on Private Enterprise
You get the idea.

I think this approach has real possibilities.
We could even solicit posts from our chapter leaders, as they will have an “on the ground” approach that may be refreshing.

Our various Project Team leaders (we have ten teams) could post progress updates

I suggest that we work a feed from the NSS blog now that we are mutually affiliated.

Who sees the blog? That was the question to date.

But we are talking about moving the feed for the daily news stories to another page, just keeping the link on the home page, and using that large vacated space for the current blog post.

So how about it?
Email me if you are interested.
kokhmmm at

Tell me about your blogging experience and about your favorite Moon-related and space-related topics.

Peter Kokh
President, The Moon Society