Introducing our Table Top Solar Power Beaming Demonstrator Project

The National Space Security Office report, released October 10, 2007, that concluded that erecting a Solar Power Satellite network in GEO could provide the only pathway to true energy independence for the United States, further suggesting that the only affordable way to do that would be to use construction materials made on the Moon, or made in space from lunar materials.

Together with the National Space Society we joined a thirteen member alliance to promote this goal.

To do our part, we have undertaken an ambitious “hands on” “bending metal” project: to design and build a table top demonstration of a solar power satellite beaming microwave power to a rectenna.

We hope to have it ready to demonstrate at ISDC 2008 in Washington DC in late May. We are fortunate to have the critical expertise needed within the society.
We are fortunate that two Society leaders, Chairman of the Board R. Scotty Gammenthaler, and Vice-President Charles F. Radley happen to have much of the knowledge and technical expertise to make this happen. Our team does include, however, some people who are outside the Society.

We are hoping to have half the cost (not yet a firm figure) paid for by member donations.


You can track our progress here.