Waypaver Foundation and the Moon Society Support Returning to the Moon


Waypaver Foundation and the Moon Society Support Returning to the Moon

ATLANTA, OCTOBER 5, 2017 — The Waypaver Foundation and the Moon Society, two organizations dedicated to the exploration, development, and eventual settlement of the Moon, enthusiastically support the Administration’s goal of returning to the moon.

Both organizations agree with Vice President Mike Pence that the Moon is the best starting point for our outward expansion to the rest of the solar system. The Moon represents opportunities to test our technology, expand our scientific knowledge, and, most importantly, to expand our economic sphere to include another celestial body.

The Moon Society is a grassroots organization made up of non-professionals, enthusiasts, and even children who view the Moon as something within our grasp, as a place that people can live and work. “Our members may not turn the wrench or fly the spacecraft, but lunar exploration is something they care about. They raise money, support programs,and purchase products and services”, said Michael Mealling, Society President.  

The Society and its members suggest to the Administration and the space industry in general that every citizen of the United States and indeed, of the world, that the goal is to expand access to everyone, that space is a domain for human beings, not just a lucky few.

The Waypaver Foundation’s goal is human lunar settlement. Its mission is removing the obstacles to that goal through focused, funded research and development. “We are looking at all of the roadblocks to lunar settlement, not just the technical ones. In many cases the harder problems are political, legal, and financial”, said Guillermo Söhnlein, Foundation Chairman.

The Foundation suggests to the Administration and the space industry that the future of human settlement of the Moon is the industrial development of the Earth/Moon system through tax incentives and infrastructure. The Foundation specifically encourages Governments to act as anchor tenants, not landlords.

Both organizations look forward to supporting the Administration, NASA, international partners, and the space industry in turning the Moon into yet another place that human beings live, work, and thrive.

About the Waypaver Foundation

The Foundation identifies the highest priority obstacles currently preventing the establishment of a lunar settlement and targets its resources to removing them. Its donors and partners share our vision of our “home” being the entire Earth/Moon system, not just the Earth. To learn more about the Waypaver Foundation, visit the Foundation’s website at www.waypaverfoundation.org.

About the Moon Society

The Society is a non-profit member organization that seeks to inspire and involve people all over the world in the continued study and exploration of the Moon with the goal of accelerating the day when there will be civilian settlements on the Moon, making use of local resources through private enterprise both to support the pioneers themselves and to help alleviate Earth’s energy and environmental problems. To learn more or join the Society, visit the Society at www.moonsociety.org.


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