New Partner – Marianne Dyson

Marianne Dyson

Hi everyone. We wanted to let you know that Marianne Dyson has joined The Moon Society Partners program. Marianne is one of the original Moon Society members, an accomplished author, and many other things. Check out her Partners page and learn about her and how you can get involved.

Marianne also regularly blogs about space issues. Her website has lots of interesting information and is well worth checking out. We’ll post a notice when she writes a new article or to highlight an exceptional existing one.

Here’s the first article we’re spotlighting:

Goodnight Crescent Moon

“Despite the art you may find in some popular children’s books, the crescent Moon seen out the window when tucking a child into bed will never be shaped like a letter C (unless you live in the southern hemisphere). The waxing crescent, first quarter, and a full Moon are the only phases visible between sunset and 9 pm (standard time).”


Welcome to the program Marianne!